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Our school differs from other secondary schools in many aspects. It was founded in 2005 and it has four general programme high school classes with about 60 to 65 students altogether. It means that on average there are about 15 students in each class.

Our main goal is to design interesting, dynamic and efficient classes, in harmony with perpetual changes happening in all spheres of life. The truth is that students generally consider school a boring and old fashioned institution with too many subjects, where things are learned by heart, where they do not receive enough help in dealing with so much information and therefore they need to spend considerable amounts of money on private tutorship, they often play truant to avoid tests, lose interest for school and as the worst of all consequences, lose self-respect.

Of course, we can’t alter the national school curriculum but we were able to introduce several innovations such as rotation classes, classes in English according to CLIL methodology, smart boards in all classrooms, individual tutorship in all subjects, field courses, optional skiing and sailing classes, students and teachers exchange (Erasmus programme participation).


Rotation classes have been introduced in order to reduce the pressure put on students due to the large number of subjects. It appears that, apart from being satisfied with this organization model, students also achieve better results.

DSC04581_1CLIL classes in English, German and Italian languages have given a new quality dimension to the school. Our students, most of whom are already fluent in English, consider CLIL classes interesting and challenging, learning both the language and the content at the same time by means of ICT technology. CLIL classes represent a big advantage both for those who want to study abroad and also for those who simply want to be prepared to enter the global labour market.



DSCN2888 - Copy_1Interactive boards and ICT technology are essential for up-to-date, dynamic 21. century classes. Everything written or shown on the board is accessible to the students via class email, Facebook and the school web platform, while iPads, tablets and iPhones are unavoidable increasingly used class tools.




konzultacije_1After school classes in all subjects are a replacement for private tutorship, especially in maths. These classes offer an opportunity to get higher grades for all students and especially for top sportsmen or those frequently absent form classes due to illness.





terenska_1Field classes are essential not only for gaining knowledge; it also helps young people become self-confident and socially efficient. Traveling and learning about different cultures contributes to students intellectual and personality development.





DSCN0944_1Optional skiing and sailing classes contributes to the development of students motor skills. At the end of the course students take exams getting the grades which are included in their school reports.






DSCN0079Students and teachers mobility is promoted through Erasmus mobility framework. Our students have participated in the exchange programmes visiting schools in Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands and Cyprus. All exchange visit costs were covered by the Erasmus funds.

At the moment we are designing other programmes that will additionally contribute to the quality of our school.